Combining Rest and Recreation In Travel

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Combining Rest and Recreation In Travel

Vacation is supposed to be a time to renew and reinvigorate ourselves. For some people, that's best achieved with an intense adventure of some kind--paragliding, bungee jumping, or even just feverishly bouncing from boutique to boutique in a bustling city.

Other people prefer a slow pace, maybe even a pace of zero. They just want to sit on the beach or relax on the porch at a backwoods cabin, ignoring the clock and the computer.

But for a lot people, probably the majority, a mix is in order. We like to think that we have some things on the schedule, but we also like to think that one of those things is time for doing nothing.

This can sound like a travel conundrum, as if you will be forced to choose one form of travel or the other, but not both. It's either fast-paced or no paced, it would seem.

Fortunately, that's not the case. There are destinations all over the US that can provide opportunities for both a fast-paced adventure and a calmer time to recharge.

Southern California

This region is known for its duality. On the one hand, it's glam and glitz and all the energy of Hollywood. On the other, it's got a hang-loose surfer's attitude. Capturing a little of each is an easy way to have a great vacation in southern California.

Dotted with a variety of lodging, the region is a tough one for choosing where to stay. Welk Resorts are situated near the I-15, right in the middle of everything--a reasonable drive from golfing, the attractions of San Diego, and of course, the Pacific coast. Choosing a place to stay that's so efficiently linked to attractions of all kinds makes it easy to partake of whatever strikes your fancy that day.

Las Vegas

There may be no other city that bills itself as a 24-hour part quite the way Las Vegas does. The town built by the Rat Pack and the mob--and one-armed bandits--has made quite a transition in the last few decades, and it has rapidly become a popular family destination.

Sure, it's still a go-to destination for buddy vacations and elopements, but the revenue from millions of gamblers has built luxury hotels, fine dining establishments, and world-class theatres along and off the famous strip, turning this desert oasis into a smorgasbord of options for fun-seekers of every kind.

New York City

Once again, we're looking at an option here that at first blush seems like it's all adrenaline and no melatonin. But a closer look reveals that there really are some more sedate options for NYC travel.

We all know how easy it is to sweep through Times Square or to hit a Broadway show. But there's a lot more to the Big Apple than just big energy. You can take a break from the subway and rest a while in Central Park, which is more than just trees and walking paths. This vibrant area has sports, live music, art exhibits, and countless other offerings to take off as much (or as little) of the NYC edge as you wish.

Travel doesn't have to be just about staying in perfect sync with a complex itinerary. You don't have to conquer the world on your trip, you just have to recharge and refresh in the best way for yourself and your family. It could be the big city, it could be the countryside, or it could be a mix of both. Whatever your taste, you can find single destinations that will provide exactly the combination you want.

Poppy Watt