Classic Woven Wristbands

Classic Woven Wristbands

Classic Woven Wristbands

Whether you are organising a personal function, hen party, business event, concert or festival presenting your group with a personalised wristband, adds a little exclusivity.

Having done a little research I came across Wunderlabel personalised woven wristbands, with a difference.

Firstly they are thinking green! That's why all of their woven labels are made with a minimum of 50% recycled yarn. I feel comfortable with this concept and good to know they are trying to make a difference to their company carbon footprint.

They also take great care that the materials used in their production have been proven to be free of any substances, which might be harmful to people's health another great ‘plus’.

Wunderlabel offer premium quality, their woven wristbands are made of 100% damask woven polyester which is woven on professional jacquard looms. This gives durability and comfort against the skin, the edges of the band are soft and flexible and the wristbands will not fray. The short edges are trimmed in taffeta for ease of use with slide locks. The self-locking plastic closures slide onto the wristband easily and lock in place. Once the closure is in place it cannot be easily removed. The wristband must be cut in order to be removed, which hopefully will eliminate losing your wristband at your event.

The wristbands are 100% customisable. This gives you the opportunity to add a personal touch to your design. It could be a symbol of your choice, text as well as colour or upload your own logo or artwork. They also have a special colour range called Melange – these are two-toned labels, which have a slight shimmer. Each colour option has a soft textured effect, which lightly glistens. This can be replicated on bespoke labels, hands tags, and care labels if you so desire.

Their ability to create intricate design details makes them a popular choice with sponsors and organizers since they are virtually impossible to counterfeit. 

Wunderlabel is great value for money, they offer fast shipping for those last-minute orders.

Poppy Watt