British women and gambling – is it becoming a problem?

Online gambling is currently the most popular form of gambling

British women and gambling – is it becoming a problem?

Gambling is a highly entertaining and relaxing activity people have been indulging in since very old times, in all its forms. Regardless if we are talking about an innocent bet or actually playing slots in land-based casinos or online, a lot of people in the UK gambled at least once. And many of them are women. Is there any risk for women to become problem gamblers? Let’s see what attracts women towards gambling and what the numbers say!

Why do we love online casinos? 

Online gambling is currently the most popular form of gambling, as it does not require attire, driving somewhere, and even having cash money on you. All you need to do in order to enjoy this activity is to grab your smartphone, tablet, or laptop and have all the fun you want right from your living room. It is accessible and that is a reason why gamers, both male, and female, come back to it over and over again. 

Aside from online casinos in the UK  being always one click away, they also have a design that is meant to lure women. Using imagery that appeals to them, more and more women find in these platforms a way to enjoy a nice evening. Some of these are even created especially for them so their ads are targeting women. 

In addition, land-based casinos are perceived as more of a male domain, so many women would not feel comfortable in a betting shop or poker room. Moreover, the online ones often come with special promotions and bonuses which can lure anyone.                   

What type of women gamble?

A Gambling Commission survey showed that the age profile for women who gamble online is 25 to 34. Another important aspect discovered by Dr.Henrietta Bowden-Jones, consultant psychiatrist at the National Problem Gambling Clinic in London, is that some female gamblers spend up to 10 hours a day indulging in this activity.

According to data provided by the UK Gambling Commission in 2016, 48% of people in Great Britain participate in such activities, including the lottery. 44.3% of these are women. Fortunately, only 0,1% of these were identified as problem gamblers and 3,5% of them were at moderate risk of developing a gambling addiction.

The majority of female gamblers are solvent members of society, they have full-time or part-time jobs and contribute to the growth of the UK gambling industry estimated to be worth £7.1 billion. 

Gaming is a leisure activity and it can only become a source of income or replace a regular job for professional players. Amateur gamblers should always keep in mind it’s just a way to have fun and this will help them avoid addiction. More and more women turn to gambling thanks to how appealing online casinos have become in the last few years. Even if the number of female problem gamblers is still very small, being cautious is always a good idea. 

Poppy Watt