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’Bridesmaids’ Director Shoots Down Talks of Sequel

Bridesmaids may have been one of the most influential female-driven comedies in recent years, but don’t expect the 2011 film to receive a sequel anytime soon. As reported by Entertainment Weekly, director Paul Feig dismissed talk of a potential follow-up when questioned on the matter at the Tribeca Film Festival last week. “It’s really up to Kristen [Wiig, lead actress and writer], but also, sequels are dangerous,” the 54-year-old said, adding that the concept of the first film – of Wiig’s character’s life initially being in turmoil and subsequently resolved – would be difficult to do a second time.

The film won widespread acclaim upon release, generating $288.4 million at the box office against a budget of just $32.5 million, and landing a Best Original Screenplay Oscar nomination for the efforts of Wiig and Annie Mumolo. In many ways, Bridesmaids broke the rom-com mould, doing away with a primary focus on romance and one-dimensional stereotypes of women in favour of a genuinely funny, comedy and character-driven narrative. Focusing on the trials and tribulation of Wiig’s Annie after she is selected as the maid of honour for best friend Lillian (Maya Rudolph)’s wedding – along with the misfortunes of the all-female supporting cast – Bridesmaids has being cited as one of the best female-driven movies over the past decade.

In addition to being a popular fixture on movie streaming service Netflix, the film has also inspired its own slots game in the years since its release. Developed by Microgaming and found here, the five-reel, 50-payline title includes features such as the Boutique and Cupcake Booster bonuses, all six of the main female characters as symbols, as well as video clips from the movie itself. As a result of the franchise’s enduring popularity and influence, a sequel must have, to many, seemed inevitable.

Of course, Feig has not always found success in his female-led releases. The Hollywood veteran served as writer and director on the 2016 reboot of the Ghostbusters franchise, which saw Bridesmaids’ Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy reunite in the starring roles. Although the film ultimately managed to generate $229.1 million at the box office against a budget of $144 million, it received a mixed response from reviewers, with Feig’s script, in particular, coming in for some heavy criticism. At Tribeca, the Michigan native admitted that he had underestimated Ghostbusters’ appeal as “the ultimate boys’ movie”.

With that being said, Feig remained upbeat over the fact that he had been contacted by women and girls who had been inspired to work in science having watched Ghostbusters, and also went on to pay tribute to the number of genuinely funny female actors currently working in the movie industry. “There’s just all these funny women and not enough roles for them,” the director lamented. So while Bridesmaids 2 may not be happening anytime soon, we shouldn’t at all be surprised to see Feig take on another influential female-driven film in the near future.

Poppy Watt