Benefits of baking with glass.

Easy to clean: dishwasher safe.

Benefits of baking with glass.

Introducing the Judge Glassware Range.

Judge glassware will always be beautiful and won’t, like other cookware, age with use.  It promises lovely see-through cooking for a guaranteed 25 years and if you want a clear as crystal view of your culinary efforts you won’t go wrong with this great range.

Robust, sleek and aesthetically pleasing, Judge glassware is the ideal way to ensure cooking for the family is hassle-free.

If you are replacing your bakeware, consider making glass your first choice.

Not only will you avoid non-stick coatings which can release toxins at high temperatures, but you can be assured that glass won’t interact with food that it comes in contact with. Many cooks now prefer to avoid chemical coatings in general and choose instead a pure, tried and tested material like glass. 

When you bake in glass, it releases no elements into the food, and won’t stain your baking or absorb food flavours.

Being clear you can see your food without taking the pot out of the oven and lifting the lid. During cooking, glass also allows you to monitor the progress on all sides, not just the top! And placed on the table it also looks great to serve from.

Keeping your glassware clean is very easy, we recommend soaking and washing by hand or in the dishwasher. For stubborn baked on food, just soak with baking soda and washing up liquid, and it will soon lift off.

I chose the Judge glassware, which is manufactured, from Borosilicate glass, which means it can cope with rapid temperature change, when moving from oven to table, and freezer to the oven.

The range consists of the following:

2 Casseroles with lids 1L and 2 L– will be seen as a fundamental essential for oven to table serving.

Prices from £6.00

2 Roasters 700ml and 1.5L– perfect for crumbles, lasagnes

Prices from £4.00

3 mixing bowls, 1L, 1.5L and 2L – The glass allows clear visibility for a very thorough mix, additionally, they offer the perfect vessel for mixing and cooking steam puddings and fondant desserts.

Prices From  £2.50

Overview of the benefits of glass bakeware:

·      Non-toxic and non-reactive.

·      Holds heat longer than traditional metal bakeware.

·      Easy to clean: dishwasher safe.

·      Microwave safe.

·      Freezer safe.

·      Shock resistant.

·      Stain & flavour resistant.

·      Aesthetically pleasing.

·      Complete with the Judge 25 year guarantee.

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