Complete Your Look With Nude Tights

Nude Tights 

My daughter told me I look 20 years younger wearing nude tights – now in my book I would say that was a result!

Having had a bad experience at school with a pair of “American Tan’ tights it was never going to be a fashion accessory I was prepared to revisit. However, as time has moved on I felt it was time to give them another chance.

My first point of call had to be Heist tights, having recently reviewed their 80 deniers the Heist 18 denier tights available in seven shades to suit most skin tones were just a comfortable and again seamless (with no lumpy, centre seam) giving me a sheer, invisible look, which in turn did actually compliment my outfit perfectly.

Although we are hitting the warmer months, the evenings can be chilly and a sheer layer over your legs can give you that added warmth and comfort.

Advantages of Nude Tights

Gently support with lift and shape control, plus the additional bonus of hiding a multitude of sins. We don’t all have a perfect pair of pins; our skin tone may not be perfect, there may be the odd vein on show, whatever you feel you would like to help disguise, nude tights could help you on your way.

Nude tights will match with everything, as they are practically invisible. Hardly noticeable, this magic layer and can give a chic appearance; some offer a subtle sheen on your legs that look both pretty and ladylike.

Confidence and comfort when wearing short skirts or shorts for modesty.

An additional sheer layer for warmth.

Royal approval, nude tights certainly are popular with the Royals as they do give a finished look to an outfit as well as comfort with your footwear.

With a better selection of shades on the market, making a perfect choice has become much easier.

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Poppy Watt

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