Chloe and the Gr-ant-father Clock

Chloe and the Gr-ant-father Clock

Chloe and the Gr-ant-father Clock 

Following the success of the initial Ant Chloe book and video last year, a charming new video and print book sequel is set to teach children about the importance of teamwork and numbers. At the same time, it will be raising funds for children’s charity Momentum. Written and illustrated by mother of two Barbara Panetta of Richmond, Surrey. 

Chloe and the Gr-ant-father Clock is available as a video book on the Ant Chloe YouTube channel, voiced by Sally Phillips.The contribution of the British award-winning actresstelevision comedian and presenter of BBC’s Sunday Morning Live follows ITV presenter Ben Shephard, who kindly did the voice over for the first book in the Ant Chloe series, Chloe’s Promise

Lovely story and beautiful illustrations…” Ben Shephard’s praise for Chloe’s Promise.

The Story The story is about a little ant named Chloe and her brothers and sisters who live in a small house with a Gr-ant-father Clock that regulates their lives. One night, a big storm blows into the house and breaks the clock. All its numbers are blown out of the window. The next day, when the storm has passed, Chloe and all her brother and sisters must work as a team and use all of their individual skills to recover all the numbers, in order to help mummy and daddy ant to fix the clock. 

Illustrations and Language Through the illustrations and the use of simple language, children can identify with the main characters, comparing themselves to one of the members of the ant family with a special skill and understand the importance of teamwork and each of us having a special skill one particularly excels at. This book is illustrated and painted using watercolour, rather than digital processing, to keep it as simple as possible.

The Music The music to this story has been written, selected and recorded at home, during the third lockdown, by the Italian composer and pianist Alessandro Viale. The little ant pianist, Chloe thinks musically: every thought, every feeling, is reflected in the different tunes. Alessandro Viale identified himself with the little Chloe, playing most of the music on his ancient 1815 Broadwood piano. The music is also performed by Laura Marzadori, lead violinist of the Scala Milan. 

Chloe and the Gr-ant-father Clock

Barbara Panetta Barbara Panetta is an Italian – British published author, artist and linguist, who lives in Richmond with her family and her golden retriever. Her language studies and interest in psychology drew her to write her first novel in 2015, and since the she has never stopped writing.  She contributes to several media and entertainment magazines and regularly collaborates with international artists and musicians.

Barbara holds an MA in Modern Languages and Linguistics.

This is the second book of Barbara Panetta’s Ant Chloe, illustrated children book series.

Momentum Charity Momentum Children’s Charity supports families across South West London, Surrey and West Sussex whose children are facing cancer or a life-challenging condition. Being told your child has cancer or another life-challenging condition is devastating. Day-to-day life is turned upside down. Momentum supports the entire family during times of unimaginable strain – the children and their parents, but also siblings and grandparents too. Momentum makes sure that no family has to cope alone by providing personally tailored support to the entire family, both in hospital and at home.

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