Career Confidence And Why It's Important

Career Confidence And Why It’s Important

Career Confidence And Why It’s Important – We all know that being confident in the workplace can be a bit of a struggle at times, either a situation occurs and knocks our confidence a little, or an event in our past history can cause us to doubt our actions, but whatever the reason for this it is something that can affect our careers significantly. Having a bit more confidence in ourselves and our career should be a priority, and this means we can move forward at a quicker pace, and maybe get picked for that promotion on offer. 

Be Bold

Is there something that you need to say in work that you just can’t find the words for? It does happen and difficult conversations aren’t something that we enjoy obviously but being bold about your thoughts and feelings in the workplace can bring about positive change, and generally, it is never as bad as we think it is. However, if you have been feeling as though you need a complete change then following some information guidance from who offer advice on career changes, to both employees and employers, might help you take that next bold step. 

See Reality

We do tend to tell ourselves stories sometimes, and that can do our self-confidence a lot of harm. If you hear yourself saying things such as “I’m no good at this” or “they hate me” then you might be telling yourself stories. Look into the reality of the situation and realise that actually, you can do anything you set your mind to, and your co-workers probably haven’t given you a second thought today because they are so busy. Have confidence in your abilities and make sure you aren’t talking yourself down too often. Praise yourself for the good work you do and your amazing skills.

Know Your Worth

You are worth more than you give yourself credit for, your time and expertise are worth a lot, and when you have taken the time to learn new skills and do your best, it’s important that you are treated as such. Always remind others of this, and if you find your time isn’t being valued then you always have other options at hand. Nobody should feel undervalued in the workplace, so be confident in setting your boundaries. Of course, this must be done in a respectful way, as it’s not all one-sided but if everyone knows where they stand, and if you are seen to be confident in all that you do, others will naturally believe what you say is right. 

Nobody is perfect but having confidence in yourself, showing that in your workplace, and moving forward over time, can really make a huge difference to your overall career path. No one ever got to the top of their field by shrinking back and not believing in themselves. So work on your own inner confidence and see what happens. You may be really surprised at how quickly you will grow and progress in the coming weeks and months!

Poppy Watt

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