Can small businesses benefit from managed IT services?

Can small businesses benefit from managed IT services?

IT is such a vast and complex undertaking and is now so crucial to the success of an enterprise that sourcing managed IT services is arguably essential to continuity and growth. Building an in-house infrastructure that is capable of supporting the varying and extensive needs of a modern start-up, micro or small business would take an incredible amount of time and money, and limit its ability to deliver on the core services and products offered to customers and clients.

Flexible and scalable

In addition to being cost-effective and scalable, managed IT services also level the playing field for small enterprises. In the past, only the largest organisations had access to the best technology and IT capabilities, but SMEs are now able to leverage a range of cloud solutions, software and platforms for a relatively small outlay. It also eliminates concerns about investing in a static on-site infrastructure that may become obsolete, as managed services will evolve, grow and scale with your business to its demands and objectives.

IT support 

In terms of specific advantages for IT and the wider business, managed services will reduce risks and strengthen cybersecurity as you will be able to make use of IT support. The spectre of hacks, attacks and breaches cannot be ignored, and outsourcing will empower you to monitor and combat these threats in order to reduce the chances of costly downtime and data disasters. MSPs can implement market-leading virus security to secure the services and devices that you use, while monitoring and support can fortify networks and servers with automated patches and updates.

Cloud computing

Working with service providers can also support your digital transformation schemes. Migrating to the cloud can transform your IT operations, but the process requires a clear and coherent strategy. An expert third party can analyse your IT needs, which range from bandwidth requirements, network security and disaster recovery, with the aim of creating a cloud solution that is right for your business. Again, unlike in-house infrastructures, the cloud does not require major investment or special facilities, and you will benefit from enhanced security, collaboration, flexibility and competitiveness.

IT assistance

IT assistance from providers is never a one-size-fits-all package. You can get a solution that is tailored to your needs. A few of the other services that you can expect to benefit from include 24/7 monitoring and remote support for your IT infrastructure, remote diagnostics and troubleshooting, management of networks, backups and restores for servers and workstations, and hosted email. All of these allow small businesses to improve their IT and thus their level of service and general functions. Its benefits can extend to the wider business.

To conclude, small businesses are arguably the best candidates for managed services as they are less likely to have an IT infrastructure in place that can effectively manage the multiple systems necessary to support business processes at scale efficiently. These services can not only reduce costs and support flexible on-demand solutions but also strengthen cyber security, reduce downtime, increase access to expert knowledge, and generally underpin a proactive IT provision that is capable of meeting the many challenges faced by modern enterprises. 

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