Boom Creations Beeswax Wrap

Boom Creations Beeswax Wrap

Frustrated with the inability to buy what they were searching for, two entrepreneurial mums took matters in their own hands and created Boom Creations. Their first launch, being their reusable Beeswax Wrap.

Karen & Alex wanted to make their wraps unique and stand out from the other products available on the market, offering a modern, fresh brand, but still using materials you can feel good about as well as helping to sustain the planet for their families and their families to come. The fabric was to include the Boom Creations logo as well as to be double-coated with wax extending the life of the product.

Presented in an attractive box they decided to include a refresher bar of wax so as to extend the life of the products, even more, adding to its sustainability. The length of the life of the wraps will depend on the usage but the wraps should last a year with average use, obviously extendable by the extra wax. When you feel the life of your wrap has come to an end, just cut it into strips and compost it!

You will also find two button ties in the box for a secure, versatile way of making for example sandwich wrapping more secure if you feel you need to, this also looks extremely attractive! Your lunch will never look so appealing…

The Beeswax Wrap is an amazing product – 100% Organic Cotton (GOTS Certified) and FDA Approved.

Beeswax, Manuka Beeswax and the Jojoba Oil all of which are organic are used in the production of the wraps. They also contain tree resin, which keeps them sticky, and the oil keeps it soft.

The antibacterial properties of the beeswax and the antifungal properties of the pine resin keep your food staying fresher for longer.  The wraps lock in moisture while letting the food naturally breathe, acting like a natural barrier.

The wraps can be used as bowl toppers, for sandwiches, wrapping half-finished fruit or vegetables.  Even avocadoes stay green once wrapped.  

Although flexible, when using, you will find the warmth from your hands makes the wraps pliable, so you can press it onto the rim of a glass or plate to seal your food.

They are simple to keep clean, just gently wash the wraps with soap and cool water and allow to air dry. Beeswax wraps are an invaluable replacement for cling film, tin foil and work very well alongside Tupperware.

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