Help Yourself with Hand Reflexology

Here are my 10 tips for hand reflexology - give them a try.

We are hiring (not firing!!)
Have maternity laws put fathers back decades?

I have been contemplating Sir Alan Sugars' comments over the weekend. As Managing Director of a Women's Development company I wanted a response to the recent row about maternity leave for women.

Enough is Enough by Jo Cameron

Whilst working through the day I have the radio on in the background. Whilst I work my ears prick up at certain messages. I don’t indulge in the negative messages but Radio 2 offers some balance in the mania of the world. It offers contemplations and reflections that have spurred me to write today.

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A Weighty Problem

by Patricia McLoughlin

When the GP starts to ask about our food and alcohol consumption and whether we exercise regularly, we know that we need to lose the odd pound or twenty. We walk to work for a day or two, adjust the diet and perhaps join a local gym. Then, pressed for time, we jump in the car, grab a burger and forget the doctor’s kindly advice.