Benefits of Private Jet Travel

Benefits of Private Jet Travel – It’s not just the rich and famous looking for private jet hire these days. Flying this way is comfortable and convenient in many ways. It allows you to enjoy the best possible service and safety standards – both on the ground and in the air.

Business aviation can create precious time and cut costs for companies. For personal use what better way to add a touch of luxury and the ability to schedule your flight according to your needs.

Is private jet hire for me? Take a look at our list of benefits and see for yourself.

Innovative booking service 

private jet hire via app with JetApp services are available in seven languages. They provide access to over 10,000 aircraft of renowned airlines that allow you to reach virtually any of the more than 43,000 airports around the world offering you a great connectivity service. The booking service is straightforward and fast allowing you to book your flight in seconds.

Variety of airlines and aircraft

JetApp offers a huge range of quality-tested airlines and their aircraft. From pistons, turboprops, light, mid-size, and heavy jets right up to ultra-long-range jets and VIP airliners – there is no category or manufacturer they cannot source for you.


A private jet is a sure way of enhancing your privacy as well as making airport procedures fast and hassle-free.

The flexibility of your Booking

If you have an unexpected meeting, change of holiday plan, or fancy a romantic weekend in Paris booking with a private jet will allow you to arrange your flight details at short notice, allowing maximum flexibility. You will have faster boarding procedures, so less wasted time at the airport.

Increased Productivity

This is often the case for business people that travel regularly with commercial airlines. They are often confronted with long waiting times, unfavourable connecting flights or cancelled flights. Private flights are tailored to your needs – offering perfect working conditions with privacy, minimal disruptions and the perfect space for meetings if desired.

Minimal Luggage Restrictions

Flying privately gives you few restrictions regarding luggage allowance, liquids and the freedom of bringing pets—as well as golf clubs, skis, presentation boards and other bulky items that don’t easily fit on commercial aircraft.


For that all-important date, appointment, or meeting you may not wish to chance any delays on your flight. With a private jet, you will have increased options to get you to that event on time!

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