Beautiful Light Lamps

Beautiful light lamps

Light is a source of energy necessary for life, the creative team at instabilelab have added an elegant dress embellished with different colours and shapes to make the light look even more fascinating in our surroundings.

These talented Italian handcrafters present ‘custom-me’, the new high customisable project for any environment and product. 

Instabilelab graphics do not just cover the traditional walls anymore but they have turned into furnishings themes, printable on all element. The company manufactures and adds real furnishings elements, dressed up with instabilelab graphics to anything ranging from small armchairs, lamps, desks, coffee tables, and carpets and the results are very exciting. This is done by using cutting-edge techniques, which offer a guaranteed high printing and colour quality even on the more complex white colour on a colourful background.

Their exciting range of lamps comes in two different sizes: the big version (h. 80cm x ø over 60cm/below80cm) suitable for large areas and the small version (h. 60cm x ø over 40cm/below 60cm) for domestic places. 

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