Barista & Co – Brew Stick

Barista & Co – Brew Stick

The perfect single-serve coffee

How often have you fancied a cup of coffee but not wished to go through the complete brewing process for a single serving? I for one have given it a miss or opted for an alternative in this situation many times in the past. However Barista & Co have developed a single-serve brew it stick coffee infuser, a revolutionary way to make great-tasting coffee with minimal time and effort allowing me to enjoy freshly brewed coffee quickly and with no mess.

For a regular coffee drinker, this format is ideal and I also feel pretty sure it could convert instant coffee drinkers, for a more sophisticated coffee-making experience.

The Brew It Stick can actually be used for coffee and tea, it is incredibly easy to use and is compact in size. Available in a variety of shades: charcoal, grey, teal, navy, white and pink and makes your brew in less than four minutes. Best of all, its dishwasher safe!

Based on the South Coast of England. Headed up by husband and wife team James and Louise Gray, their inspiration for Barista & Co arrived one day in Hanoi, Vietnam, when they were enjoying a cup of local iced coffee known as ca phe sua. Sat in a bustling street café, they watched the simple effect that great coffee had on those around them. Whether taking a moment for themselves or talking to others, a coffee that was crafted with the same simple tools that had been used for many years brought all friends and strangers alike together. 

This vision they hoped they could recreate back home in the UK. Delivering a great coffee to a community of people who believed in better coffee.

On returning to the UK, James and Louise combined their passion for coffee with their experience working in the retail sector and set about creating Barista & Co. Their first range of coffee-making tools and accessories – the Electric metals range – reached leading homeware retailers across the globe in 2014. This elegant range was a mix of premium materials and beautiful design, which laid the foundations of the ethos that products must perform with style. Since then, Barista & Co has continued to develop innovative coffee-making equipment that invites everyone to become their own barista.

How to make your perfect brew:

Brew It Stick

Ground Coffee
or Loose Leaf Tea

Hot Water 


Measuring Spoon

Coffee Cup

Barista & Co recommend 

For the best flavour, we recommend using medium-coarse, freshly ground coffee or loose leaf tea.

Brew Time

Infusing for a minimum of 4 minutes, however, to increase strength you can leave to brew for longer


Twist the handle anti-clockwise to detach from the chamber. Fill 2/3 the way with medium freshly ground coffee into the chamber. Alternatively, add a helping of loose leaf tea. Replace the handle and secure.


Slowly pour hot water through the 360° handle filter. Pour until the desired water level is reached then submerge.


Once submerged in the water, slowly twist and stir the Brew It Stick for 20 seconds then leave in the water for a minimum of 4 minutes.


Once brewed, remove the infuser from the mug and place into the stand.

Simple To Clean: Twist the handle to detach from the chamber and pour the used coffee into the bin. Rinse the basket and handle with warm water or place in the dishwasher.

We were pleased with our Brew it Stick results, it was compact and easily transportable, which was ideal for travelling to work, we made super freshly brewed coffee time and time again that tasted delicious and with its handy little stand, there was no mess or dripping. 

For more information visit here.

Poppy Watt

Barista & Co has just teamed up with a local charity, Hope For Food, who helps the homeless in Bournemouth. This is part of their new Pass It On project called ‘Buy a coffee. Give a coffee’ where every time you buy a Barista & Co product, we give a coffee to the homeless or less fortunate.

Hope For Food help get the homeless and those living in poverty back on their feet. Barista & Co provide the coffee in their soup kitchens and their team joins over 150 volunteers who serve up to 700 meals per week and support more than 400 families. This forward-thinking charity was the first in the world to introduce mobile showers and washing facilities for those living on the street. In less than an hour, they are able to clean and dry clothes while their clients enjoy a warm shower and a place to shelter from the elements with a hot meal and drink. Their aim for 2020 is to raise enough money to fund another mobile facility so rough sleepers in other regions can be supported.

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