B Loved Award-Winning Aromatherapy Brand

B Loved Award-Winning Aromatherapy Brand

B Loved Award-Winning Aromatherapy Brand – We often feel it is time to reassess our lives when we have gone through trauma, endured serious illness, been under the weather or suffered from health issues. Similarly, you may be in a position where you are focused and care more for those around you, than your own wellbeing, which eventually could lead to fatigue, mental exhaustion and eventually ‘burnout’.

Lizzy Burchill found herself in a comparable situation. Having struggled with a stressful few years with failed IVF treatment, terminal family illness, as well as difficulties maintaining her business workload through mental illness Lizzy, realised for her, a change of career path was necessary.

“I had lost all confidence in all aspects of my life.” States Lizzy. “I was finding it difficult to be around people which made it very challenging to deal with clients and the fast-paced nature of my then business as a recruitment agency.”

As a form of therapy and escape, Lizzy focused her energy on creating her own brand of beauty products.

“At first, I was using essential oils but although I loved the aroma, I didn’t understand their properties and I didn’t understand the safety aspects. Not wanting to cause any damage or make unsafe products, I decided to do a diploma in aromatherapy and essential oil science along with some product-making courses. This enabled me to learn everything I needed to know to make the best blends and products.”

“Three years later I have a wellbeing brand which is natural and vegan friendly and consists of aromatherapy candles and bath and body products. “

Never one to let an opportunity pass, Women Talking tried the B Loved Hormonal Bath & Body Oil RRP £35 – the product is 100% natural, smells divine and is the perfect excuse to relax in the tub for some well-earned ‘time out’

The luxurious combination of rosehip, apricot kernel and argan oils are combined to nourish and soften the skin and the essential oils of grapefruit, clary sage, geranium and patchouli will balance, ground and uplift.

This product works beautifully in the bath as well as massage oil after your shower.

B Loved Award-Winning Aromatherapy Brand

To pair with this The Isolation Candle RRP £20 is the perfect lockdown and Christmas companion.  100% natural, made with soy wax and pure essential oils, it is designed to bring joy to the recipient.  A mood-boosting medley of geranium, grapefruit and basil will uplift, balance, calm and refresh; it smells divine.   

Something positive can always come from something negative. So, if you are struggling with grief, anxiety, depression, loss, and a sense of failure, chances are that things can get better and even take you in a completely different direction.

B Loved was created during a difficult period and the brand represents finding strength and resilience in the face of adversity.

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*B Loved Candles has been awarded ‘Best Bespoke Chandlery 2019 – Home Counties’ within the Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards hosted by LUX-Life.

*B Loved Body Scrub won Editors Choice for Beauty in the Beauty Shortlist Awards 2020! 

B Loved Award-Winning Aromatherapy Brand

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