Ayurveda – The Ancient Healing Art of India

Ayurveda – The Ancient Healing Art of India

Ayurveda is a traditional Hindu approach to holistic healing and whole-body wellness that originated over 6,000 years ago in India. It is founded on the balance of mind, body, and spirit through the use of a wholesome diet, healing herbs, and other holistic treatments.

Ayurveda has been making great strides in the world of alternative and complementary medicine and attracting new believers from all walks of life. The aim is to achieve health by bringing the individual into harmony with nature. 

Ayurveda focuses a great deal on keeping its practitioners well, but the practice also provides tried and true treatments for curing and dealing with illnesses when they do occur. Things like yoga, massage and the use of medicinal herbs are a big part of the practice of Ayurveda, but they are also important healing methods on their own.

On the basis of this, our friends at Aveda skincare  have developed the tulasāra radiant awakening ritual. 

The tulasāra radiant facial dry brush step is inspired by a technique from ancient Ayurveda, called gharsana and The tulasāra radiant oleation oil step is inspired by an Ayurvedic technique called abhayanga

“A daily ritual of facial dry brushing followed by oil massage nourishes skin, melts away facial tension and awakens subtle energies for a radiant complexion.”
Drs. Vinod and Kusum Upadhyay

Starting with gentle dry brushing, your ritual exfoliates, dry, dull cells from skin’s surface. The ultra-soft nylon bristles of the brush are formed in rounded peaks help lift away dull surface cells. The oval-shaped brush head helps you reach every facial curve and contour is compact size fits easily in hand for optimal control.

Exfoliation helps support natural surface cell turnover which in turn helps to promote smooth, soft skin. This helps to prepare the skin to take in nourishing tulasāra radiant oleation oil, which is the second stage.

Massage the oleation oil which is balanced with a blend of 6 nourishing plant oils into your skin to instantly awaken microcirculation and to nourishes, this will reveal smooth, radiant skin.

What a great way to Kickstart your beauty regime for 2019 and add a new dimension to your beauty ritual.

Poppy Watt

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