Are you entitled to delayed flight compensation?

Are you entitled to delayed flight compensation?

Statistics suggest that over a million passengers had flights delayed by at least 3 hours last year but only a very small percentage of air travellers have claimed compensation for their inconvenience. There could be many reasons for this, lack of knowledge and clarity regarding how to claim, it’s a time-consuming process, or the basic fact we just can’t be bothered.

As a nation the amount of air travel we do for business is continual, for pleasure, the travel industry tends to divide the year into three seasons: peak season (roughly mid-June through August), shoulder season (April through mid-June and September through October), and off-season (November through March). When we have been looking forward to our well-earned break, problems with our holiday arrangements can certainly leave us feeling disappointed.

With the peak holiday travel season fast approaching, it makes sense to be prepared for every eventuality regarding your travel arrangements and if unexpected long delays, been denied boarding or cancellations are forced upon us; you may be entitled to financial compensationand this is certainly worth a second thought.

To make this process as simple as possible you may wish to use the services of a specialist in this line, rather than dealing directly with the airline. is one of the leading flight delay companies in England and Wales with a high success rate and excellent customer service making this process as painless as possible.

Unlike other claims companies offering a flight delay claim service, they are a law firm, which means they have the power to take cases all the way to court, eliminating the middleman. Rather than referring cases for legal action, their flight delay lawyers will see your case through from the moment you check your flight and submit your claim to the moment the money is paid into your account.

Using their online flight checker, which monitors flight delays in real-time, they can determine if compensation is due and the precise amount owed. The claim can be immediately submitted online in one simple process with no administration fees and a ‘no win, no fee’ philosophy.

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