Antacara Frontiers

A travel experience that offers more than just a general road trip

Antacara Frontiers – Poppy Watt talks to Jillian Reilly founder of Antacara, a travel experience that offers more than just a general road trip. Here you can enjoy a personal development experience designed to get you moving into the world beyond your limitations, reawakening your possibilities and passions in life.

There is a new frontier out there for all of us; we just have to search for it.

What was your inspiration behind Antacara

Friends, family, and colleagues who are inventing and reinventing themselves both professionally and personally inspire me.  The 21st century offers us unparalleled opportunities to carve our own paths – we need to have the mindset and skillset to see this as a joy rather than a burden

When did you start the company?

I started the company in September 2018.  Our first year has been a joyride – with two successful events and the beginning of a community of truly inspirational Explorers.  We’ve made many mistakes and faced a lot of challenges, but that’s how you learn and grow.   

What life experience of your own leads you to this vocation?

Antacara is the result of a life spent travelling the world trying to solve big social problems and learning these things:

1.  We learn quicker and grow most when we’re out in the world exploring (it doesn’t have to be far!)

2.  Human change isn’t cognitive (you can’t think yourself out of the status quo)

3.  Joy is fuel for human growth (in other words, we need more serotonin and less cortisol in our lives if you we want to grow)

Had you experienced solo travel before you started the company?

I spent most of my 20s travelling across Africa by myself and building courage muscles I didn’t know I had. I’ve travelled on ferries with hundreds of goats and in aging Russian helicopters and developed adaptability and resilience that’s served me well professionally and personally.  Now, you don’t have to be in a war zone to develop your growth capacity.  You just have to walk into new and potentially challenging spaces with an open heart and mind.

Are your trips aimed mainly at male or female travellers?

Both!  More than ever we need experiences that allow men and women to explore our frontiers together – exploring ideas and emotions in comfortable, joyous gatherings that remind us of our individual and shared potential.

How many people are generally on the trips?

10-12.  We like to keep the groups intimate to allow for one-to-one attention, good conversation and time for work in pairs and in groups.

How does travel expand your mind?

There’s a word for it  — allokatoplixis – or “other wonder”.  When we travel we lose our traditional reference points and routines – we embrace new people and experiences more easily and we make decisions readily.  We focus on the present more; embrace new perspectives and step into new spaces driven by curiosity rather than fear.  We feel alive with possibility – which is the perfect state for growth and learning.

What type of coaching can you experience on the trip?

Participants are coached before, during and after the trips to developing exploratory habits and practices that enable them to spot new possibilities, hone new talents and capabilities, make good decisions, and co-create new opportunities.  

Do you have group activities on the trips?

Antacara experiences all involve cycles of morning expeditions and afternoon conversation and introspection – in other words heading out and looking in – in equal measure.  It’s a cycle that the community maintains in their real life – continually crossing boundaries and limitations both external and internal.  

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