An Ultimate Guide to the Entertainment Industry of the 21st Century

An Ultimate Guide to the Entertainment Industry of the 21st Century

Today, technology plays a huge part in every aspect of life, and it is the same with entertainment too. Compared to say 30 years ago, the way we are provided with entertainment and the way we consume it, have changed drastically. Though the basic outward structure appears to be the same, the core of the entertainment industry has gotten a massive technology upgrade. Here is an ultimate guide to the entertainment industry and how entertainment looks in the 21st century:

Gaming industry

The good thing for the gaming industry is that its popularity hasn’t diminished in the modern era. Just like a couple of decades ago, people still consider gaming as a top entertainment option. The only thing that has changed is how people access popular games. Now that almost 80% of the world population has access to a high-speed internet connection, most of the popular games are available on the website which is a popular form of entertainment and games. The all-connecting internet facilitates multi-player games too. Today, gaming is more about connectivity and socialising; there are websites and forums too, where players can share their love for the game and share their insights with other gaming enthusiasts. Hence, we can say that technology has made interaction and communication more easy and convenient for gamers, providing introverted gamers with an opportunity to communicate and socialise with people of their kind.

Movies, TV and News Media

Another aspect of entertainment that has been upgraded by technology is the arena of movies, TV and News Media. Previously where the television and theatres have been the main source of this form of entertainment, the advent of the internet has pulled people away from TV and theatre screens. People prefer to consume this form of entertainment via mobile devices, on-the-go these days.

There are websites that continuously stream videos of different genres continuously and on-demand. This is revolutionising how companies are providing this form of entertainment to its users. The popularity of video streaming has resulted in a unique genre of content and unique methods of providing this form of entertainment, such as YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. This form of streaming services has become so popular that content is being created exclusively for these video streaming platforms.

Music and the Radio

The internet has also revolutionised the way music is being consumed. Traditional radio stations are being forced to explore online options too. Additionally, innovative methods to provide, consume and share music are being made available. Free to access platforms like Spotify are providing users with cheaper and more convenient ways to access music pertaining to hundreds of different genres. People are now able to enjoy music from all parts of the world irrespective of their geographical location.

Another area where music has become modernised is the advent of gaming music. People have started to recognise the quality that is gaming music, and music lovers are being provided access to this form of music too, through concerts, radio stations, and online platforms.

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