Advantages of using Instagram Video Downloader

Advantages of using Instagram Video Downloader

Advantages of using Instagram Video Downloader – I feel sure many of us wish that we could download a video from Instagram and share it with our friends or just keep it in our smartphone, for fun purposes. A proper video junkie would understand the feeling. With technology evolving daily, fortunately, we have downloaders now that allow us to do so. 

Save From is an excellent instagram video downloader that lets you download any video from IG, within seconds. This downloader provides you with high-quality video downloads. You also have the leverage to download content from Instagram as well and convert your favourite videos into any format that you may desire. 

Advantages of using Instagram Video Downloader

One of the biggest benefits of using an Instagram video downloader is that it allows you to download videos from a platform that doesn’t have this option in the first place. There are some amazing DIY videos for example, as well as cooking tutorials on IG’s IGTV that it seems impossible to resist the need of downloading. Well, this is now made possible!

Some days we may not have access to the internet or may wish to replicate a great recipe find you saw on an Instagram blog the previous day. With the help of Save From, you can download any video, at any time and use it later. You can even watch your favourite videos while on the go.

How to download videos from Instagram with Save From? 

This is a pretty straightforward process:

You can open the website on your tablet, laptop or smartphone or even download the desktop app for it. SaveFrom is optimized for all types of devices. 

Once downloaded, open Instagram app and open the video that you would like to download. 

Now that you have selected the video click on the three dots that are accessible on the top right corner of the video. 

You will see the option of “copy link” right there. Once you click on it, the link will be copied automatically. 

Now, go back to the website or app of Save From and paste the link in the space bar that is provided. 

It will take a few seconds until the video is downloaded and that is it. Your video is downloaded to your phone or laptop. 

Save From also allows you to repost Instagram videos from its website. It also brings in options of downloading from various apps and platforms like YouTube. 


If you are looking for a website that can offer you the option of downloading content from apps that don’t have that option; then Save From could be the solution you are looking for.

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