Add some curb appeal with gorgeous driveway materials

Add some curb appeal with gorgeous driveway materials

Add some curb appeal with gorgeous driveway materials – Make the right first impression when welcoming your friends and family back to your home this summer. The perfect driveway design can add serious curb appeal to your property. Whether you are installing a new driveway or tarting up what is already there, a thoughtful and eye-catching driveway is the way to do it.

From simple, uniform paved parking areas to winding gravel driveways that take your guests on a journey, driveway design can also add value to your property. Well-considered exteriors are just as important as the inside of a property to buyers. Investing a bit of cash in your dilapidated driveway could pay dividends when you come to sell your home.

A gravel driveway can also add an element of security to your property. Its distinctive crunch underfoot is a great way to deter potential robberies. Keeping your cars and home safe. 

We have rounded up our top tips for adding curb appeal. We have a look at some of the common materials to use to make your driveway dream design a daily reality.


Gravel has endured as the driveway material of choice for a long time. Its pleasing aesthetic, security implications and relatively low maintenance make it perfect for driveways, whether they are long or short. 

Recycled gravel is an eco-friendly solution and is one of the most cost-effective materials to use too. 


Commonly used to pave roads, Asphalt is an extremely durable material to use for a driveway. However, it does need maintenance at least every two years and is susceptible to damage in extreme weather conditions. 

Asphalt is also extremely bad for the environment and contributes to global heating in summer.


Seashells are a pretty material to use for your driveway project. However, they are very high maintenance as they break easily and could need replacing very quickly to keep the look. They are also bad for snowy weather.

In addition, as a by-product of the seafood industry, there are questionable sustainability and ethical concerns about using seashells for home renovation projects. 

Block Paving

Block paving driveways are a very common choice for homeowners. They are easily installed, available in a multitude of different shapes, colours, and styles, and are relatively easy to maintain. 

They will need occasional pressure washing and resealing to prevent them from staining over time.

As you can see, there are so many materials to choose from when it comes to your driveway design. All that’s left for you to do is to choose the one that represents your style perfectly and shows off your home to your guests, and even some potential property buyers.

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