About Us

Millenium Milli


Hello, my name is Milli. I have been suffering from depression, anxiety, dizziness and a form of depersonalisation/ derealisation disorder for almost 2 years now. Due to my health issues, it has forced me to lead quite a solitary life, one that I am not used to. This is exactly why I have decided to create Millennium Milli, as my "former self" used to be a very creative, social and fun person, however I now have realised I do not have a "former self", I still have that drive and passion deep down within me, I just have to slowly but surely recover it by simply doing things that make me happy. Accepting the reality of my mental health implications was a very difficult thing to comprehend, I am still accepting certain things but accepting yourself and others help is one of the most crucial and self-less things that anyone could ever do. So, here we are, the start of a journey for me and you. I hope you enjoy reading the things that I have to say as well as sticking by me through my ups and downs – which as a true Millennial I am incredibly unpredictable, so you'll never know what you will get with me!