A Pioneer in the Market Place

A Pioneer in the Market Place

A Pioneer in the Market Place – From Kodak to Toshiba medical to founder and CEO PRS – Guillaume Soulier a top graduate of top French Business Schools now specialises in repairing ultrasound probes, in a market that was previously unknown.

Being a firm advocate of recycling this particular business is of great interest to me. Medical machinery is expensive and if your ultrasound probes are damaged this can lead to misdiagnosis as well as danger for the technicians and patients of electrical shock or cross-contamination.

If your probe is not working correctly PRS offer the probe repair for 2D, 3D, 4D and transesphageal probes as well as a GE ultrasound repair for a leading manufacturer in ultrasound devices and probes.

A Pioneer in the Market Place
2D Probe Repair

There could be numerous probe issues, most of which can be repaired by a probe repair expert, preventing more costly damage to the equipment. These may include:

Lines on the screen – This is also known as ‘dropout’ and is when the machine is not sending and receiving the signal correctly. Typically, caused by damaged piezoelectric elements in the probe array.

Cable damage – You may not think of the cord as a critical component of the mechanisms in an ultrasound machine, however, wear and tear, cuts or abrasions on the outside may be concealing frayed or broken internal wires, which can cause significant risk to the user and the patient.

Patches on the screen – Again known as ‘dropout’ any unusual shadows of light and dark are not acceptable and this will get worse over time.

Lens Failure – If the lens is starting to show wear it may be caused by hairline cracks on the lens which can not only affect the image but also raises concern regarding hygiene as bacteria can get cracked in the tiny crevices.

With its laboratory-based in Lyon, PRS is France’s leader in the repair of all brands of ultrasound probes, their clients being many hospitals in France and abroad. 

With the Knowledge that the machinery is vital to carry out work and examinations, PRS can assist you with a selection of loaner probes to keep disruption to a minimum as well as the assurance repairs will come with a 3 to 6-month warranty.

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