A Lockdown Foodie Lowdown

A Lockdown Foodie Lowdown – I thought this week I would give you a brief lowdown on some yummy new foodie products I’ve recently discovered.  I don’t know about you, but I’m finding myself focused much more on food and drink at the moment – when life is busier, I don’t have so much time to ponder! Some are online-only, but hey, we need to support these smaller companies and keep those delivery companies in business too!

Crumbs, they’re good!

Oats, when combined with chia seeds and coconut, make lovely porridge, but also a great, healthy snack.  Packed full of fibre and with 55% less sugar than your average biscuit, these new Nairn’s oat biscuits will assuage your guilt at teatime! £1.35 a pack from Waitrose and worth joining that queue for!

Not just any snack…

If it’s a savoury snack you crave, then M&S’s new range of high protein snacks is just the job.  This little pot of egg & avo with quinoa and soy sauce is just 185 calories. It’s brilliant for those on the go, lunchers ‘al desko’ and anyone counting calories. From £1.50

A Lockdown Foodie Lowdown
M & S Protein Snacks

A really cool drink

Absolut Elyx, vodka made with winter wheat from a single estate in Åhus, Sweden, is manually distilled in vintage copper, resulting in an exceptionally silky finish. The distillation process has been passed through generations of vodka-makers. At 42.3% ABV, it has depth – in flavour and character. Too good for tonic, it’s best served over ice. Around £33 a bottle at drinkfinder.co.uk

A Lockdown Foodie Lowdown
Elyx Bottle

Ultimate chocoholic indulgences

Feast your senses on one of the best ready-made ranges of chocolate puds I’ve tasted…and the richest! Pati & Coco desserts are dinky little glass pots of chocolate heaven; crack through dark chocolate to ganache above a crunchy base. In four flavours: Praline; Pistachio; Ganache and Caramel.  £3.50 for two from Sainsbury. Be warned, they’re rich – and addictive.

A Lockdown Foodie Lowdown
Pati & Coco Desserts

Chocolates with conscience

 These delicately thin Divine dark chocolate squares are filled with a soft and spicy ginger centre that melts on the tongue when you break the chocolate. A classic combination of two of my favourite flavours, they’re indulgent and delicious. The dark chocolate is made with cocoa beans harvested from Kuapa Kokoo, a fair-trade co-operative of smallholder farmers in Ghana. £4 a box from Waitrose, Divine online and Oxfam (when it reopens)

Sweet Peas – bags of savoury deliciousness

These might be small (and ultra-healthy btw) but wow do they deliver on flavour!  Available in four flavours: Sea Salt & Balsamic Vinegar; Sweet Chilli; Ham Hock and also Parmesan & Truffle.  These are my ‘go-to’ healthy snack at the moment.  They are grown and harvested in Perthshire, freeze-dried, and flavoured.  Just so tasty and they pair perfectly with a G&T or glass of vino. Available online, but worth the effort, eatpodberry.co.uk

A Lockdown Foodie Lowdown
Podberry Snacks

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