7 Reasons Why Every Woman Should Have a Dog

7 Reasons Why Every Woman Should Have a Dog

7 Reasons Why Every Woman Should Have a Dog – A furry friend is more than just a pet to most humans. Research shows people who own dogs are mentally and emotionally more stable than the ones who do not. When it comes to women, we are the cohort who are more sensitive than the regular population. 

Women require unconditional support, love, and attention. We need this at every stage of life, and what is better than having a loyal furry friend who plays a vital role in our lives. 

Here are 5 convincing reasons why you need a dog in your life right now! 

A Dog Will Lift Your Mood

Imagine coming home tired to a face that is beaming with happiness. Won’t it absolutely lift your mood? No matter what you feel, a dog will change how you feel. He will make you forget what you have been going through, and for some time, you will enjoy your day.

Petting a dog like Miniature Schnauzer gives you a purpose in life, something to do that will make you feel good about yourself. With a dog, not only do you feel good about petting one, but a dog will also always help you in keeping your spirits high. 

Moreover, a woman who pets a dog is less likely to suffer from anxiety, depression, or loneliness compared to others who do not. A big hug from your hairy guy is all you need to remove the negativity in your head and body. 

He Will Makes You More Socially Acceptable

There are so many things you can talk about a dog, and you would need someone to talk about it or maybe take suggestions. You would notice for yourself that having a dog is a conversation starter in most cases. Parents who have dogs find a mutual subject to talk about and end up as good friends by the end of the conversation. 

Therefore, once you have a dog, you will find it easier to interact with your colleagues at work. Your co-workers will have something to chat about with you, and it won’t even leave you socially awkward because you can have endless conversations about your pets. 

If nothing, you can always ask for suggestions even from the most random people you find walking in the street like hey where did you get that cute dog latch from, and that will be enough to keep you going. 

Attracts A Lover

If you own a dog, it will automatically make you more attractive. The theory behind becoming more attractive is the impression that you give. You seem more generous, lovable, approachable, and of course, these characters make you super likeable. 

It will make the other person want to reach you out because you would give out a soft image.

On the other hand, having more mutual interests like having a dog increases your chances of understanding and likability. 

They Will Protect You at All Costs

Did you know that a dog will protect its owner with his life?

A dog will do everything to protect his family including you. This is especially important for mothers who also have a newborn or a toddler at home who is mischievous and likes to think everything around the house is his business. 

In such cases, dogs become the best babysitter you can have. They are like the helping hand you can have to help you around with your kids and look after them when they are not under your surveillance. Dogs know what is harmful and what’s not. They will keep your babies away from everything potentially harmful to them. 

And if you are a woman, you little guy can scare big guys too. Nobody would want to come close to a woman guarded by a dog who is aggressive towards unwanted attention from the bad guys. 

On the contrary, some dogs like American Bull dogs are trained to help a person live. They know what to do when a person is trying to harm herself and how to call for help when something goes wrong. Such trained dogs even detect the changes in your mood or energy and stay alert for anything that might happen next. 

Apart from all this, having a dog means you have constant support and protection. Even a small breed dog like Shiba Inu will become your defence system. As there is one thing every dog can do, and that is to bite. 

They Help You Through Tough Times 

You know what you need the most when you are going through a tough phase in life, somebody who makes you feel good about yourself, and it becomes easier for you to feel important and worthy. 

We think we rescue dogs when we adopt them from an animal shelter. Little do we realize that our dogs are also rescuing us and helping us become a better version of ourselves. They give you the love, support, and attention you need to survive through the dark times in life. 

And it is a fact that most humans tend to leave when we are going through hardships, and only dogs will stick to the end. It is the actions that matter, and dogs are the only ones who show their love through their actions when they can’t utter a word of fleeting promises. 

Final Word 

As a human, we need a loyal friend, unending love, and constant support. When we have this, we feel we have everything, because even though we can own all the materialistic things in this world, most of us women are still left with an emotional void that only another being can fill and who can be better than a dog who is eternally loyal to its parent. 

A being who would never leave you and love you for who you are!

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