6 Smart Gadgets for Home Hygiene

6 Smart Gadgets for Home Hygiene

6 Smart Gadgets for Home Hygiene – As a mother, it is our natural instinct to protect our family. Whether you have young children, teenagers, grown-up kids or elderly relatives living or visiting your home, we have the insight to keep them all safe. 

Whilst we are all stepping up our hygiene regime at home, bad bacteria are known to be one of the leading causative agents of certain health conditions. Therefore, I have also turned my attention to the latest technology to assist in my quest for a squeaky-clean, sterile living space for added protection.

Airdri Air Purifier
The Most Advanced Virus & Bacteria Control Technology of its Kind

Airdri Air Purifier – smart and stylish this advanced piece of technology could certainly become a must for every household. With everyone gravitating toward the heart of the home my kitchen is a magnet for bacteria, viruses and germs. The Air Purifier is food safe and eliminates unpleasant odours leaving a fresh, hygienic environment so ideal for this busy space.

The combined technologies of the Airdri Air Purifier has been proven to kill the Coronavirus family, continually circulating clean, purified air 24 hours a day, improving air quality as well as killing the harmful viruses and bacteria in the air and on all exposed surfaces. 

Coronavirus can live for hours or days on many common kitchen surfaces like copper (8 hours), cardboard, (24 hours) stainless steel (48 hours) or plastic (3 days) therefore, the kitchen is one of the most likely areas you could transfer a virus.

With the science behind air purification, this is a gadget I would not mind having throughout my home. They are simple to fit, once you have found a suitable location it is just a matter of hanging it on the wall and plugging it in. Maintenance is minimal as they are suggesting an annual bulb change once a year.

6 Smart Gadgets for Home Hygiene
State of the art Recycling Bin

X Cube Recycling Bin 20+20L – State of the art recycling bin with an anti-bacterial coating. This impressive bin has germ-resistant removable inner buckets, deodoriser compartment and a silicone seal to contain odours. 

This is a delightful no-touch design that fits flat against a flat wall taking up minimum space. It is perfect for larger families who want a neat, hygienic, hands-free, stylish solution to waste separation and available in 4 on-trend colours.

To help keep nasty germs at bay, they have applied a special antibacterial Nano-silver coating to the bin, which also happens to be fingerprint resistant, as well as germ-resistant inner bucket, all for maximum hygiene.

The Mopping Robot

The iRobot® Braava jet® Mopping Robot will wet mop, damp mop, and dry sweep clean the areas that require cleaning.

The compact Mopping Robot takes cleaning to a new level by tackling dirt and stains in small spaces. It is able to access those hard-to-reach places like the corners of kitchens and bathrooms, without harming your furniture, rugs or walls.

Mopping Robot
Mopping Robot takes cleaning to a new level

Oxo Electronics Cleaning Brush

With more of us working from home, our office equipment is taking a pounding. Therefore, cleaning is more important than ever. This is a handy pen-like tool, that gently removes hard-to-reach dust and debris.

With 2-in-1 technology, the cleaning brush keeps smartphones, computers, gaming consoles and other everyday electronic gear grime free. 

The silicone wiper end cleans hard-to-reach dust and dirt from keys and screen edges, ports and earbud cases. The retractable brush has soft, sturdy bristles to thoroughly clean camera lenses and other sensitive surfaces.

CleanseBot Travel Robot

CleanseBot  – known as the world’s first bacteria cleaning robot is a handy-sized gadget, ideal for home as well as travel use. It is ideal to sanitise toys for your children and pets, disinfect messy areas, and sanitise devices like cell phones, keyboards, tablets, and the interior of cars as well as larger surfaces if required.  

It uses four UV-C lamps to blast away 99.99% of germs and bacteria on ANY SURFACE helping to prevent the spread of airborne viruses ensuring that your home environment is free from both bacteria and germs thus keeping you healthy all through. 

It also comes with a handle that you can use to sanitise lights, electronics and any other pieces of equipment that you suspect might be harbouring bacteria. 

When you rest, you want the best quality sleep and to not worry about germs, mould, bacteria, or dust mites. This device works wonders on your bed, on top and under the bedding and utilizing the 18 smart AI sensors will not fall off!

Alfawise Magnetic window cleaning robot – keep your windows spotless and free from germs.

Oil, dust and even mud splashes can be the cause of unwanted germs on your windows. More often than not, when we think we have done a great job we realise we have missed the odd spot or succumbed to a difficult to reach area.

The cleaning robot comes with a remote control which allows you to direct the cleaning robot where you want it to go. It uses three cleaning modes to ensure the most comprehensive coverage for your windows and once in position, it will use sensors to figure out the best cleaning path for the job and get to work immediately.

To prevent the robot from falling off the window, it uses a vacuum pump, keeping it secure even as it moves around. When you have finished cleaning and the device is switched off, it can be removed from the window with ease.

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