5 tips for a Successful Valentine’s Day Date

5 tips for a Successful Valentine’s Day Date

5 tips for a Successful Valentine’s Day Date – Dr Linda Papadopoulos is one of the most well-known and respected psychologists working in the UK today.

Her 17-year career as a research scientist and practising psychologist has led to her work being published in some of the most well-regarded academic journals.

With a prolific and distinguished career that she loves, and which keeps her very busy Dr Linda values her free time with her husband and their young daughter. As a psychologist and as a mother Dr Linda is passionate that young women develop healthy self-esteem and body image. Her philosophy is that feeling good about yourself, your passions and achievements inevitably leads to looking good and most importantly liking who you see in the mirror.

February 14th is looming, and this is a special date known for lovers expressing their affection. It is an annual festival to celebrate romantic love, friendship, and admiration. Whether by card, gifts, a special date, or just spending time together it should be a day for all to enjoy.

5 tips for a Successful Valentine’s Day Date

As a member of SmileDirectClub’s Confidence Council, Dr Linda Papadopoulos gives her tips for a successful Valentine’s Day date.

Whether you are single or have been married for twenty years, Dr Linda is here with her top tips to keep the conversation flowing this Valentine’s Day.

Prepare: It’s always useful to have some ideas or topics that you can discuss with your date, try thinking of a funny anecdote or story that you want to share.

Ask questions: Sometimes we’re so anxious thinking about what we want to say that we forget one of the most important parts of a conversation is asking questions. Make sure you do exactly this, become interested in the person you are talking to, and you’ll find that they will tend to reciprocate, and the conversation will flow.

Share an experience to make conversation easier: Try going on dates where you actually do something, whether it’s watching a film, going to see a sporting event or even taking a walk. When you are doing something together it makes talking easier because you are sharing an experience.

Be confident: Don’t worry that you are going to say something stupid or even that you need to fill every little silence, the more you relax the easier and more naturally the conversation will flow.

Listen actively: When someone is talking make sure you are actively listening, pick up on things they have said and reflect on those things rather than just waiting for your turn to talk. Also, make sure that your body language shows this, make good eye contact, nod, and definitely stay off your phone. Be present!

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