5 Reasons to Consider Becoming A Driving Instructor

5 Reasons to Consider Becoming A Driving Instructor

5 Reasons to Consider Becoming A Driving Instructor – Did you know that there is currently a shortage in those training to become a driving instructor? A report from the Department for Transport states that the amount of UK driving instructors has fallen from nearly 45,000 in 2013 to under 40,000 at the start of 2020. Yet, due to recent events, there has been a huge surge in demand for driving lessons and practical tests. 

With a backlog of nearly 400,000 cancelled practical tests due to national lockdowns, an ever-increasing young age group wanting to drive, and pique in interest from those wanting to obtain a driving licence to improve their CV, now seems to be the right time to become a driving instructor. And this increase in demand isn’t the only reason. Read on as we explain the top reasons why you should consider becoming a driving instructor as your next career move. 

Become your own boss

One of the main benefits of being a driving instructor is that it allows you to be your own boss. Unlike many other jobs, you can choose the days and hours you work, as well as when you book your holiday, to perfectly fit around your lifestyle. You are in control of the direction of your career. 

Not only is there the advantage of being self-employed, but some driving schools offer you the chance to run your own franchise business. This is a great option for most people, as sometimes going independent can be a tricky feat. Through an approved driving instructor (ADI) franchise, you can take full advantage of the lessons generated by their marketing and advertising campaigns, as well as leasing a market-leading tuition vehicle, equipped with all the necessary controls. 

Meet the demand 

As forementioned, the demand for driving lessons, and therefore the instructors to teach them, is on the rise in the UK. It’s the perfect time to grab the opportunity, and train to be a driving instructor before the rise in demand can be put into action – train now and you could be one step ahead!

According to insurance experts at Marmalade, there is also going to be an increasing number of people turning 17 over the coming years, with an expected 718,996 in 2021, and rising to nearly 800,000 in 2025. This could see driving instructors inundated with new pupils who are at the prime age for learning to drive. 

The insurance company also predicted that with this exponential growth, there will be an increase from 16.84 learners per instructor (based on data from 2019), to 20.84 learners by 2025. For a newly trained instructor, this could see an appealing increase in lessons per week. 

Increase your income 

As a trained driving instructor, you can decide when you work, but you are also in control of what you earn. On average you could earn between £35,000 – £40,000 a year, based on the same 40-hour week of any other job. These earnings are, of course, dependant on the hours of tuition, so the more lessons you complete, the higher your income.  

Plus, if you are instructing through a driving school franchise, you won’t need to pay any commission or fees for pupil referrals, but can benefit from the number of lessons provided for you to teach. 

Job satisfaction 

Becoming a driving instructor is a full-fledged career, that offers you the flexibility of when you want to work, as well as being a fulfilling and rewarding job. It is not limited to one demographic and gives you the opportunity to meet different and new people, each and every day. Driving instructors regularly say that the best part of their job is the ability to teach a person a valuable life skill, to watch them grow in confidence, and see the difference a driving licence can make on their pupils’ lives. 

Job stability

There will always be a need for people to drive, and therefore you can be certain there will job security when becoming a driving instructor. The ongoing pandemic has also had its impact, not only on the postponing of lessons and tests but also on the need for people to expand their experience when looking for new jobs. More and more are looking to add a driving licence to their list of achievements to increase their job prospects. Now, more than ever, there is a need for driving instructors, and this not set to decline anytime soon. 

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