5 reasons that prove heavy breakfast is better

5 reasons that prove heavy breakfast is better – Confused about whether your first meal of the day should be light or heavy? Here is a list of 5 reasons that prove heavy breakfast a better option out of the two.

Breakfast is a meal that has always been overlooked as the least important meal of the day. It is the first meal of the day, so everybody should start their day great with the best food. However, there has been a persistent discussion on the topic of what quality of breakfast is better for health – heavy or light?

Although having breakfast regularly is the priority, a heavy breakfast is always a better option out of the two. Listed down are 5 reasons that prove why heavy breakfast is more beneficial.

Boosts metabolism

Sleeping hours are the longest duration the body stays at rest. Similarly, it is also the longest duration the body stays without food. When a person is awake, it is highly unlikely that he/she will stay without food for more than 8 hours on a normal day. The body’s metabolism of the body slows down to make the body relaxed and prepare for the next day while he is asleep. So, after a sound sleep, the body is in high-need of proper nutrition so that the body can process naturally. Having a heavy nutritious breakfast can regulate the metabolism and keep the growth and decay of body cells steady.

Stabilises weight

A good metabolism, which is the consequence of proper eating habit in the morning, organises the body growth. Many pieces of research conducted by various food and health companies show that having a good-quantity breakfast helps you evidently lose extra weight, contrary to a common myth of eating more increases the weight. Having a  good breakfast will not let you feel very hungry by lunchtime. This ultimately results in avoiding over-eating, which is never the requirement of the body but just a human desire. Avoiding bad food habits leads to a fitter body and stabilised weight.

Constant activeness

A proper breakfast in the morning is good for another reason. The reason is that a nutritious breakfast gives you energy for the whole day. The better your food, the more is the chance of you staying active throughout the day. A heavier and more nutritious breakfast fuels the body as well as the brain to feel activeness. It stabilises the level of blood sugar which results in avoiding lethargy and drowsiness.

Keeps the doctor away

Researches show that people who eat proper breakfast on a regular basis tend to eat a healthier diet altogether. This can be proved as food items that are considered as breakfast like cereals, fruits, lean meat, whole grains, protein-rich items are all highly nutritious. These food items provide essential nutrients like fabric, calcium, protein, and potassium, which are usually missed in lunch or dinner. Such a habit avoids nutritional deficiency and maintains a proper dietary supply.

Improves your mood

It is usually said that the brain works well when the stomach is fed well. The effects of a proper breakfast prove this belief right. When a person is in the right state of health, the mood of the person is destined to be at the right place, ignoring external factors of life. Accurate body weight allows the body to perform all the daily tasks hassle-free. If a person is not locked with the thoughts of finding food, he will be able to concentrate on his work more efficiently. A satisfied stomach keeps the person relaxed and less prone to irritability,


Eating breakfast in the proper amount provides a lot of benefits, so much so that waking up early and preparing food for yourself can improve the whole day and even the whole life in a larger context. However, having a proper amount of food should never be mistaken to just having anything you find to eat. Junk foods are always harmful, taken as breakfast or any time of the day.

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