4 Ways to Minimise Retinol Irritation with IMAGE Skincare

4 Ways to Minimise Retinol Irritation with IMAGE Skincare

Expert quotes from Founder, Janna Ronert

1) Choose Products Carefully

“With countless retinol-based products on the market, it can be confusing to figure out which retinol product will decrease the likelihood of irritation. One option is to start with a milder formula and work your way up as your skin builds a tolerance. Start with over-the-counter retinol products, as they tend to be less powerful than their prescription counterparts.

It’s also important to consider the way the product works. When it comes to choosing a retinol product, one factor that plays a big is the type of delivery system used to introduce the retinol into the skin. At IMAGE Skincare, we use a unique delivery system for the retinol in many of our products called Kemspheres™. These oil-soluble encapsulations deliver actives, such as retinol, in a stable form to maximize effectiveness while reducing the chances of skin appearing red and irritated.”

2) Make Sure Your Other Skin Care Is Retinol Friendly

“Not everything in your bathroom cabinet will be compatible with a retinol-based product. Before you start adding retinol into your skincare routine, go through what you have—and be open to the idea that you may need to make some changes. For instance, a product with AHA (or alpha hydroxy acid, which exfoliates the upper layers of the skin to create a smoother finish) or salicylic acid (often used to deep clean acne-prone skin) will typically not complement retinol. This interaction can lead to extreme discomfort.

Additionally, creams with benzoyl peroxide (an ingredient used to treat signs of acne and breakouts) can compromise the effects of retinol products. For best results, reach for items that contain peptides (an anti-ageing ingredient linked to younger-looking skin), apply sunscreen diligently and avoid cleansers or toners that might be considered harsh. Simply rethinking your regular skincare routine can decrease the severity of common retinol-related side effects.”

3) Focus on Hydration

“You should also introduce hydrating products into your skincare regimen when using retinol to combat any dryness that may occur. As with all water-based formulas, it’s a good idea to apply to freshly cleansed skin and then layer oil-based products on top. This will help lock in moisture.

Another way to fight against dry skin, redness and a tight complexion is to incorporate additional moisturising products into your routine. A soothing sheet mask is a wonderful option and can be used two to three times per week.”

4) Introduce Retinol Slowly

“Last but not least, introduce any retinol-based product to the skin slowly. Start one to two times a week, nighttime only, and then increase frequency as the skin builds up a tolerance.

It’s equally important to listen to the skin. While some users may be able to use retinol twice a week to start, others may experience a reaction. For those who fall into the latter category, be aware and cut back as necessary. That may mean using a product once a week to start instead of switching to an item that contains a lower percentage of retinol.”

Image Skincare AGELESS total overnight retinol masque, £82.00

Unique delivery system Kemspheres™ allows pure retinol to be easily absorbed into the skin in a stable form, resulting in less irritation and superior results. Plant-derived stem cell Senestem™brightens improves skin density and increases firmness for 30% in 30 days. Marine filling spheres with water bank technology smooth wrinkles by 30% in 1 hour.

Triple action KemSpheres™ create a thin film to ensure optimal coverage and controlled penetration, reduce TEWL thus opening pathways for active penetration and offer a time-released action of retinol.  This increases firmness, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and improves skin imperfections.

mage Skincare AGELESS total overnight retinol masque.

Key Ingredients

KemSpheres™ Retinol: Unique delivery system allows pure retinol to be easily absorbed into the skin in a stable form, resulting in less irritation and superior results

 Senestem™: Targets microRNA’s to prevent the degradation of protein synthesis. Assists in controlling inflammation, oxidative stress and lightening pigmentation spots.  Brightens, firms and improves skin density.

 Marine Filling Spheres: Microspheres of marine collagen and GAGS lock in water and release hydration into the skin in a continuous fashion.

 Syn Coll: Significant anti-wrinkle effect, stimulates collagen synthesis, provides collagen protection from degrading enzymes.

 SoluMoist: Smooths skin texture, hydrates and reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

 Fiber Boost Plus Citrus: Stimulates fibroblasts, supports the matrix of the skin. Decreases enzyme responsible for collagen breakdown. Protects epidermal cells against free radicals.

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