3 Style Tips To Create A Cosy Autumn Home from Furniture Choice Ltd

3 Style Tips To Create A Cosy Autumn Home from Furniture Choice Ltd

As the season passes and leaves begin to fall, introduce warm textures and lush jewel tones for a striking mood shift in the home.

Rebecca Snowden, Interior Style Advisor at Furniture Choice, shares 3 décor tips to style a cosy home for Autumn 2019

1. Layer dusky jewel tones and inviting textures

This autumn, let rich jewel tones like deep mauve, sapphire blue and dusty pink take centre stage. “Embrace the sophistication of the season in all its moody glamour,” says Rebecca. 

A lush black velvet bed instantly adds elegance to a bedroom and sets a luxurious base to build upon. Layer deep, rich tones via opulent textures like velvet and faux fur to create a lavish, comfortable setting that’s perfect for cosying up in.

Light up space with distinctive fixtures to enhance the overall ambience. “Individual pendant bulbs give off a modern, almost industrial feel while sleek standing lamps are practical and stylish.” Display fresh flowers for a burst of life or dramatic floral artwork with contemporary charm as final touches.

2. Pair yellow and black for a modern, vibrant take on autumn 
On a brighter note, pairing black and yellow results in a lighter, modern take on autumn decor. One part dark, one part festive, and altogether stylish – choose a dark yellow like mustard, in homage to autumn’s signature leaves. “This trendy colour contrasts nicely with a sleek black leather sofa to produce an edgy and season-appropriate palette,” says Rebecca. Go bold with a mustard feature wall or start small with yellow cushions, rugs and planters. 

Keep the rest of the room simple and opt for pieces with clean lines to prevent overwhelming the senses. Add warmth with a soothing accent colour like forest green; dark green, leafy plants bring about a breath of fresh air while also contributing to the overall colour scheme. 

3. DIY autumn-themed accessories for some sparkle

In the spirit of transitioning into the season, get crafty and DIY some autumn-themed accessories. “Metallic accessories are a simple and effective way to add a pinch of glamour and light to any space,” she advises. 

To DIY a metallic trinket dish, supplies needed include modelling clay, a few leaves, and metallic paint.

Roll the clay out, then firmly press the leaf onto it so the veins are clearly imprinted. Trim away the excess clay following the leaf’s outline. Using fingers, gently curl up the sides of the dish to form a shallow edge. Allow it to dry on a cooling rack overnight, then paint on the desired metallic shade and allow to dry completely before using. 

Rebecca Snowden

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