3 Business Ideas for Busy Mums

3 Business Ideas for Busy Mums

3 Business Ideas for Busy Mums – If you love the idea of having your own business but are concerned about being swept off your feet when balancing it with your already hectic schedule, you are not alone. However, fear not, as having your own company and being your own boss could allow you to strike a perfect balance between work and family commitments. Here are some of the best options for entrepreneurial, busy mums. 

Consider Franchising

A franchise can be an excellent alternative to building your own business from the ground up. Franchising allows you to break into markets without needing to go through all of the more complex and stressful situations associated with developing products, building a customer base and developing marketing strategies. 

One of the most appealing parts of franchising is the freedom and flexibility it can bring. Since you have complete control over the decision-making process when franchising, you will control your work/life balance, making it an excellent option for busy mums.

Additionally, a franchise can become a successful family business if run correctly, so it can be an excellent way to inspire an entrepreneurial spirit in your kids from an early age. If the idea of franchising appeals to you, check out these franchise opportunities. Franchise Local has compiled a detailed list of all available opportunities; you are spoiled for choice! 

Online Selling

If you would prefer a home-based business, then an excellent option is to sell online. With the number of selling platforms available online nowadays, there are many channels that you can use to sell products. 

Firstly you should identify a gap or niche that you want to occupy. Then consider how you can purchase stock to then resell for profit from the comfort of your own home. Many people can make significant sums using this method. For example, suppose you visited charity shops and vintage stores to identify the desirable items. In that case, you could resell the cheap clothing at a profit on sites like Depop or eBay.  


If you love to write, you could consider joining the growing number of bloggers that detail their experiences of childcare and family life. Many online tools can be used to easily build your own website as a platform for disseminating your blog posts. 

While this can be a cathartic release for many mums to share their experiences, it is also a potentially profitable endeavour. To do this, you need to carefully pick the topics you choose to post about and hone your writing skills to deliver a consistent style and tone.

Once you have developed a group of readers, you can incorporate affiliate marketing, sponsored posts or banner ads into your website. These can generate significant returns if you have a dedicated reader base. 


To summarise, thanks to resources like franchising, internet selling or online blogging, there are options available to mums with hectic family lives to run their own business. These enable people with busy lives to control their working hours and strike a healthier balance between business and family. Despite the better balance, they still offer opportunities to make a healthy sum of money, so they are worth considering for anyone with an entrepreneurial mind. 

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