When the Whole World Looks Black It Has to be Hunza

Hunza dress modelled by Lois Mallett-Walker

Probably the most talked about fashion statement ever, the LBD looks good on women of all shapes and sizes and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. The LBD is considered an essential piece to complete your wardrobe.

Because of its basic style and colour the LBD is the only trend in the ever-changing fashion industry that never goes out of style.  Since the legendary fashion designer Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel introduced the LBD in 1926, it has been the epitome of chic.

Chanel’s first LBD was a slash-necked, short silk dress with only front diagonal pin-tucks as decoration. American Vogue called it the ‘Ford’. Like Henry Ford’s Model-T car, the simplicity of the style made it a classic. The LBD was an instant hit for women of all social classes.

Before Chanel designed the LBD, black was considered colour reserved for funerals and periods of mourning.  However, with Chanel’s new fashion creation black quickly became an elegant and sexy colour to be seen in. As well as being stylish and timeless, black gives you a sense of power and authority. And, it has to be said, black has the added bonus of making you look slimmer!

I glanced around a recent event and noted that, like me, most women were wearing a black dress. Always hoping for an individual look I decided my new quest was to find an ultimate black dress with an original twist.

With the help of my good friends Peter Meadows and David Solomon at Hunza designs I found just what I was hoping for.

One of the latest designs in the Winter 2011 collection was the perfect for me.

This gorgeous choice is a classic LBD. V-neck, sleeveless with all the essentials of an A line, knee length little number. The twist comes in the form of beautifully stitched appliqué covering the complete dress.  Embroidered onto the dress, thin strips of fabric have been ripped, stretched and the edges frayed – giving a ruffled, layered look with beautiful texture.

“All our handwork and embellishment is done in Indonesia and Bali. Embellishments can create exciting, original pieces of work, says David. “The people in Bali are so talented and creative with their hands, when working with intricate detail.  The overall effect, as you can see is stunning”.

So that’s what I’ll be at the next LBD event – somewhat similar but stunningly different!

This unique piece is available from size 8-16 from www.hunzadesign.com and will retail in the region of £220.

For more information and alternative designs visit the Hunza website or contact georgia@hunzadesign.com

Poppy Watt