Plan A Valentine’s Day

"beautiful danger" (CC BY 2.0) by ** RCB **

Valentine’s Day is one that millions of people around the world celebrate.

The most romantic day of the year takes on a different meaning depending where you are in your love life. For people who are single, it’s a great excuse to leave a hint for the person you’re interested in; for those who are settled in a loving relationship, it’s a moment to reflect on all the good things you share together.

According to a Valentines Day infographic from Floraqueen, it’s us women who generally get the better end of the deal when it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts.

Women buy their man a card while they buy us the flowers. Of all the flowers purchased on Valentine’s Day, it is suggested that 73% are bought by men, while women buy 85% of the cards. But it’s not just cards and flowers that get purchased, jewellery and chocolates are also popular gifts. In some countries the average spend on Valentine’s Day can be over £100 and men tend to spend twice the amount women do.

But Valentine’s Day isn’t just about writing a card and buying a gift; it’s about spending time together too. This year, how can you show your significant other you really care? Here are a few different ways you can show your long-time lover that you feel just as romantic about them as the day you first got together.

  1. Re-live that first date. Book a table at the first place you went out for dinner. It may be somewhere you’ve not been in years, or it may still be your favourite restaurant. Return there for a romantic meal and reminisce together about those early days together.
  2. Clear both your diaries for the day and take the day to do something different. Go to an amusement park and hold each other tight on the thrill rides, or do something atmospheric like going ice-skating. For a day of pure indulgence, book in at a spa and enjoy a couple’s massage so that you can really unwind together.
  3. If you can arrange it, book a romantic hotel room for the night - enjoy getting away from it all for the night. While you’re there enjoy a candlelit dinner that neither of you has to cook.
  4. On the other hand, you could include the family in your Valentine’s celebrations. Instead of getting a babysitter and going out without the kids, order take-out food for the family to share and enjoy together. What better way to show the kids the value of true love - by sharing this romantic date with them!

Poppy Watt